Cybersecurity Solutions for Operational Networks

of Critical Infrastructure Operators.

What is a Data Diode?

OwlCTI is a well-established and respected provider of cybersecurity solutions for highly restricted government networks, operational networks of critical infrastructure (oil and gas production, electric generation and transmission, nuclear power plants, transportation, etc.), and commercial  IT networks.


Data diodes are the foundation of OwlCTI's patented DualDiode Technology® solutions, and protect networks from external cyber threats by physically ensuring a deterministic one-way data flow. These solutions remove all external connections into the protected network while allowing data to be transferred out to another network or system, such as a remote monitoring center or the cloud, for access by end-users and applications. Over 2,000 deployments worldwide utilize  OwlCTI data diode technology to mitigate cyber threats and attacks while enabling secure operational data transfers.


Outside of the United States, OwlCTI offers the Perimeter Defense Solutions product line, designed for the critical infrastructure and commercial markets, and featuring a range of interface software modules, form factors, and bandwidth capabilities.


The OPDS data diode product line supports a variety of standards-based interfaces (OPC, Modbus, ISA 62443, NERC-CIP, etc.), and offers the fastest throughput on the market, supporting transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps. OwlCTI military-grade perimeter defense solutions also include models designed to work under extreme environmental conditions (high/low temperature, dust, smoke, etc.).


With over 28 granted technology patents and many more pending, OwlCTI continues to be a technology leader in network cybersecurity. Deployed in some of the world’s largest critical infrastructure systems, OwlCTI data diode products are designed to handle a host of data types (files, streaming video, historian and database replication, email, chat messages, etc.) and include a library of software modules to connect to different devices and vendors, including Yokogawa, ABB, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, Rockwell, OSIsoft®, Schneider Electric, and more.

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